Titanium Money Clip $20.00

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Titanium Money Clip $20.00

“Small titanium money clip”

“Titanium money clip with Titanium Carabiner”

This titanium money clip not only provides a slim and bulge free means of storing your basic cards and paper money. I made one simple change by milling a 3/16” hole in the bottom of the titanium clip. You now have the option of not only using as a money clip but with an added split ring or other clasp you can attach keys, or other every day carry items. The great elastic quality of the titanium clip permits you to hang it onto a pants pocket, belt or simply top of pant. Using a series of rings, carabiner or other hangers you can keep items from jamming up at the bottom of your pocket. Our photo page shows this Titanium Money Clip being used in a variety of ways.

Titanium Small Carbiner

$4.00 ea Titanium Small Carbiner

 1 3/4” x 7/8” with 3 mm diameter 

The use of either this Ti carabiner , a split ring or other connector, you can hang keys, flashlights, knives or other everyday carry items from the “ titanium money clip” and slip the clip onto your pocket, or pants top or even belt.  This lets the items hang inside your pocket but without piling up in the bottom and chewing a hole there.

Titanium Credit Card and Money Clip

$38.95 ea Titanium Credit Card and Money Clip

3 3/8” x 2 1/8” Size

Slim trim and secure.  This titanium money clip has small wings to keep credit cards from shifting around inside you pocket.  Very light weight at 28 gms (about one oz), and slim to fit inside even front pockets of jeans!  A driver’s license, couple of credit cards & some folding money and this Titanium card and money clip will carry you through the day.

Take a look at some pictures on our PHOTOS page!

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