Emergency Medication or Cash Stash

It seems that almost everyone has the occasional need for medication, even if it is only standard painkillers, but seldom has the pills at hand. Even women whose purses should hold a bottle of aspirins or antihistamine tablets seldom carry any form of pill stash.

While not often completely waterproof there are inexpensive plastic containers available, some even with connections for hanging on a key chain. At the higher end there are aluminum tubes or even waterproof Titanium Pill Fobs available such as the one carried by www.clip-money.com/other.html

Having an extra $20.00 as an emergency cash stash at hand for those times when a credit card cannot be used is another modern requirement. We are so dependant upon ATMs, and credit and debit cards that it is a real inconvenience when we find ourselves in a situation where none of those options are available. The container to be used as a cash stash really does have to be durable and waterproof as typically this money will be very seldom accessed. An aluminum tube works well but is not completely corrosion resistant so perhaps a Titanium Cash Stash such as the dual purpose Pill Fob mentioned earlier might be worth the extra money.

I guess the only potential hazard of hanging the Titanium Pill Fob / Cash Stash from your keychain would be an overzealous police officer thinking it might be used for recreational drug storage.

Any comments on the ideal size or design of such containers or personal experiences will be appreciated.

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2 Responses to “Emergency Medication or Cash Stash”

  1. Oliver says:

    Great idea!

    As someone who has an allergy to bee stings and who suffers from migraines, my wife requires that I carry anti-allergy and migraine medication with me at all times. I use a small plastic container that is attached to my key-chain to hold my pills. Unfortunately, I have found that my pills often are destroyed due to handling and moisture.

    Your product is a much more elegant solution. The water-tight seal will prevent moisture from getting at the pills and the slender tubular design will prevent the pills from crashing into each other and breaking apart.

  2. Nicholas says:

    This is a great thing to have, I am a member of the Military, and as such, we are deployed on field operations quite often.

    When we are working countless hours in any sort of weather condition, it’s nice to know that I have my Ibuprofen kept dry, and on my person for when I need it.

    I haven’t needed it for that yet, but it would also be great for keeping my cab money safe while at the bars and clubs. Thanks for the idea!

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